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Instrutora Branca

Instrutora Branca (Josie) comes from the UK but for the last 5 years she has been calling Ibiza home. She discovered Capoeira in her last years of high school and trained for several years with the Senzala Group in her hometown of Norwich, before moving to Manchester in the north of England and joining the Cordão de Ouro Group with Mestre Parente.


She has been practicing Capoeira for 14 years and in that time she has travelled and trained in various countries, including France, Italy, Israel, and Brazil. In 2015 Branca received her Instructor Belt in Liverpool, England. In 2016 he moved to Ibiza and started teaching on the island in April 2017.


When she's not doing Capoeira, Josie can be found teaching English, or on the beach, enjoying the sun.

Mestre Parente

The Master of our group, Mestre Parente, comes from Brazil and has now been with his group for 16 years in Liverpool and Manchester in England, UK, in addition to travelling the world giving classes and workshops. In 2019 Mestre Parente received his cordão de Mestre, second level.

In April 2019 Mestre Parente came to Ibiza for the first time for our first international event and we look forward to welcoming him here many more times in the future.

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