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Batizados & Workshops

The annual event for capoeiristas is called a 'Batizado', where the students in the group have the opportunity to receive a new belt from their teacher, depending on their level, training time and experience. Normally the event lasts two or three days and is full of capoeira workshops by different guests, workshops on Afro-Brazilian culture, African dance classes and rodas of capoeira to play in!


Capoeira Ibiza celebrated its first Batizado in 2019 and is looking forward to its second ...

Capoeira is an activity with a community spirit. We love to meet other players whenever we can, and in Ibiza we are not alone!


These are some of the upcoming events on the island and abroad in 2020.

Due to the situation with COVID -19, there are currently no upcoming events. But watch this space ...

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